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Monday, September 5, 2011

old things new things

psst , step over here please so i can smack you. the ones that write all those instructions do this now follow this step down now step up, ugh!!! all in trying to add music to my blog..... do you know how to add music? how about how to add widget? what is a "widget".

continuation of my thank you's

fans that work
a pastor that speaks the truth of Gods Word
friends that just listen
friends that share their bounty
10 fingers
ministry of the Holy Spirit as I sleep
clear mind when bedtime was a mess in my head
reminder of great grace

Make every breath your yes to God
Surrendered lives see all of life’s why as simply writing the first letter of “yes” to God
Only when have eyes to see God’s grace in everything, can we say yes to God in anything
Say yes to love. Count all of the gifts---say yes to all the ways He loves you!!

I love you Lord. May I never be an embarrassment to you!!

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