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Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 days of creation by ME!

.by Kay Elrod Dallas on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 9:59am.How important is the word "THE"? How important is the meaning of "evening" and "morning". How important is the "age" of Adam and Noah. Are we to add "in the day" YOWM: when they were 930 and 950 respectively? Maybe it wasn't literal. Maybe they were really 930 thousand or 950 million years old? What does "IN THE" beginning mean? Are we to believe that beginning has another meaning? Maybe the author meant another "word"? "ereb" . To further complicate my "reasoning", is it literal "Sabbath", one day to rest. So on THE seventh day God ended His Work and rested on THE seventh day. And God blessed THE seventh day and sanctified it .The, there is that word again, THE fourth commandment. Keep the Sabbath, (THE seventh day that our heavenly Father rested and "sanctified "it) or maybe it means every thousand years or million years to keep "that"SABBATH holy? The Word is the same in verse 31 of Genesis as in Genesis 1:1? I choose to believe the Bible in the literal sense at The beginning. That way I haven't made a choice of when to start believing the Bible and its literal sense? Does that make sense? I believe in THE BEGINNING. I COME TO THE LORD AS A LITTLE CHILD. I trust what the Word of God says in the literal sense!

I know it is not a heaven and hell deciding vote but I believe that without believing the "literal" words of The bible and to "BEGIN" in "The beginning", it will create doubt with believers and non believers. You have to set your faith in stone so you have a ready answer. What else, if any, do you say "could be"? (sic) shrug of shoulders? Coming from a very dark place and science has shown there are different levels of darkness and now I speak of the literal "spiritual" deep deep deep dark, it was one of those deciding votes to believe absolutely everything in the literal sense of all that was written in the "Bible" as a little child.

Throw out what you don't like and I'll keep all of this!!!

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