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Friday, November 11, 2011

That time of the Year

That time of the year but really does this opportunity of a lifetime have a "set" designated time that you contribute. A designed time that you personally devote yourself to? Prayerfully all year I will be on the lookout. The lookout for items that will make that "one" child or "one" family life a little easier but all with the Hope of Jesus Christ all things are possible. He is the BEGINNING AND THE END. He was and is God. Always has been. Never a time that Jesus was not God. A man made in flesh to dwell with us, sinners, but was God before creation. Tears immediately well up when the pictures are displayed. Either from Compassion Child or Operation Christmas Child. Will I be able to justify my stinginess, at that appointed time with our Lord Jesus Christ. Balance is greatly needed with our country. With our men and women that roll in luxury. My Droid's, shiny automobile, warm toasty home, hottt hott coffee with buttery topped muffin. You get the picture.Balance is needed with me. Lets begin with me and I'll let you'll worry about your (sic) ownself? Yes I can do more!! I will do more!!. No limit on time, no limit on prayer, thno limit on availability!

November 26th Atlanta. Reboxing in headquarters. Gold will be found. Gold such as soap, toothbrushes, washclothes. Last year I discovered that the households of these boxes that even the paper that sometimes are wrapped around the boxes are used. Instructed to place wrapping paper back into box. Packed I found little tool boxes? WOW! little sewing pkgs. Things I never thought of? Remember a shoe box? Many happy faces this year. Can you imagine the thought of just a bar of soap. U might not have the water to use that bar of soap but it still will be used. These countries are not lost just misplaced and we have a choice to make with our talents?

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. He will wash your sins and you become white as snow (His righteousness).

I love you Lord.

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  1. Just found your blog from Claire's fb. Our Compassion is a great place....

    Thanks for sharing,