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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

old things become new 2Corinthians 5:17

i've made a puzzle. which ones do you think of as the "old ones". how about what ones are the "new ones". and the ones as "forever".

one thing we know for sure is that this world will pass away when the Bridegroom returns for His Bride. So yes we prepare as if there is a tommorrow from the old with expectations of a good return but know this!!! only one thing will stand and that is your "stand" with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you trust Him. Have you turned from your "wicked ways" when you asked Him to be Lord of your life. Will you never sin again? God forbid that you think that? the question is, how fast do you repent ask Him to help you to be the person He has created you to be when that sin has been confronted in your life by the Holy Spirit? He is good and He is good all the time. I love you Lord and all my dreams, all my expectations, all my desires are with you. Have mercy on me oh Lord. I am the one in the back pounding my chest of how unworthy I am but through I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. You are my rock and my Salvation. In no other do I trust.!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

west green news

so this is how we roll here in west green, ga and that's rolling on monday nights. well now it is on thursday nights, well really every third thursday now, well we'll just see, LOL. that LOL is acronym for laugh out loud.

all of this ambiance, food, good music and friends, new and old (thats why the Jack Daniels Old Label) (that doesn't up), young and old meet and play. umm don't mean to lead you on about all of us playing. i don't play but i really would love to learn how to play somthing. maybe one day we'll see.old ballads roll out with a scattering of mountain music. sometimes our own catherine burnam will throw in a real live folk ballad. (she really wants to play some zz top or led zeplin).

see the guy in the corner (much older man) way in back in corner, thats jimmy. stories that he has and shares with us with every get together. i do believe he has played with every country singer prior to 2000 and maybe some currently. from pam tillis sitting on his knee while practicing with mel (sic) mel tillis, like i know him LOL. stories of jimmy dean loving his drink. so many more. so i try to listen no matter how long or short. just listen. love!

all that scattering in the kitchen is our smorgasborg. yummy. southern cooking.

these nights have really helped me in time as a nomad in this place called west green. never thought i would live here not in a million years. but while the Lord has me "waiting" here though very busy i have met wonderful people.

thank you catherine; thank you larry; thank you west green.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

no fear new year

There’s only one address anyone lives at and it’s always a duplex: Joy and pain always co-habit every season of life.

Accept them both and keep company with the joy while the pain does it’s necessary renovations.
there are over 366 verses in the bible of "no fear"

Deut 31:6 and Timothy 1:7 DO NOT FEAR

If He knows the hairs on your head and His thoughts toward us are like "GRAINS OF SAND" (ever counted the grains of sand on a beach?) and to go further. How about how He clothes the lillies of the field in awesome wonder? My point being Lets make this year 2012 one of overcoming not of fear. A one of constant communion with our Heavenly Father. To One that allows the pain but remember that He is the one that gives us joy right dab in the middle of this gut wrenching pain. The kind of pain that keeps you on the floor, struggling to breath, screaming "i cannot make this Lord". you know the kind. You really aren't considering what would be left behind should you stop breathing. That pain is THAT deep!

Remember: You are not born naturally or supernaturally with character. It must be developed. You are not born with habits. We have to form Godly habits on the basis of the New Life God has placed within us. We are not meant to be seen as God's perfect, brightshining examples, but to be seen as the everyday essence of ordinary life exhibiting the miracle of His Grace. 2 Peter 1: 5 thru 9

Remember: The Lord is good and all the time. He has a plan for you and for me. I choose to believe He has a plan it is for my good. How about you?