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Saturday, June 25, 2011

blood food

This morning I decided to check on the blueberries (organic and wild) close to my house. Sadly I only collected about 1/2 dishpan. But on the bright side, it looks like I'll be having some delicious deer burgers this winter. Catch the pyramid effect here, ha! More than one way to skin a "cat". Probably about next Wednesday I'll go out and check on the rest that were not ripe at that time. The rain or lack of should I say has seriously hurt our blackberries and blueberries. Sadly it will probably effect the rest of our crops that our starting to come in.

On a side note, it seems I've been working on regret, envy or whatever you want to call it but sin will do in my heart. Everytime I turn around, it seems that its ugly head (regret, envy or?) pops up. Well my pastor (Chris Watson) had no idea what was going on in my heart. This Sunday he preached on "The Assassin" and what he uses to get your eyes off of God. To start with that morning before Church, The Spirit of the Lord impressed in my heart to "impress Him". I'm like what? Impress you? Well it wouldn't leave me. Then lo and behold the message and it was all about envy, bitterness, regret, the whole nine yards. Let me first say truly I have never been a victim to those issues BUT; I lost a ton of stuff ie: business, money, friends, stuff back in 2008. At that time I thought everything was fine. I did my best and the Lord saw fit to have my offices close and me to move on. I left with a good reputation and clean heart. Then silently "stuff" started creeping up in my heart. Someone with a very large NICE house invited me over. (I had to sell my 7,000' foot home with a nice pool), the list goes on. With all the Lord allowed me to keep and all debt free and I still had envy? It was crazy! Even the bank accounts and I still was envious, crazy!. That was Sunday, the message. Monday, Tues, and Wed, different times of the day and different pastors, this is the scripture that was quoted and repeated. You are never going to believe this. YEP! 1st Timothy 6. Godliness with contentment is great gain. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

All I can say is that the Lord is good and He is good all the time. He doesn't want us to settle for anything but accept 100% what He wants to do in our life.

This is exciting. My second no maybe third post. As I go along I'll probably add music, yeah!!! Scriptures, yeah!!!! incidentals things. oooh so excited.

Fluffy dipping sauce

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