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Friday, January 6, 2012

west green news

so this is how we roll here in west green, ga and that's rolling on monday nights. well now it is on thursday nights, well really every third thursday now, well we'll just see, LOL. that LOL is acronym for laugh out loud.

all of this ambiance, food, good music and friends, new and old (thats why the Jack Daniels Old Label) (that doesn't up), young and old meet and play. umm don't mean to lead you on about all of us playing. i don't play but i really would love to learn how to play somthing. maybe one day we'll see.old ballads roll out with a scattering of mountain music. sometimes our own catherine burnam will throw in a real live folk ballad. (she really wants to play some zz top or led zeplin).

see the guy in the corner (much older man) way in back in corner, thats jimmy. stories that he has and shares with us with every get together. i do believe he has played with every country singer prior to 2000 and maybe some currently. from pam tillis sitting on his knee while practicing with mel (sic) mel tillis, like i know him LOL. stories of jimmy dean loving his drink. so many more. so i try to listen no matter how long or short. just listen. love!

all that scattering in the kitchen is our smorgasborg. yummy. southern cooking.

these nights have really helped me in time as a nomad in this place called west green. never thought i would live here not in a million years. but while the Lord has me "waiting" here though very busy i have met wonderful people.

thank you catherine; thank you larry; thank you west green.

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