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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

old passed away and new beginnings

i want you to raise my daughters? 3 years ago i offered to do that and with thanksgiving i look forward to it! death, she was sure and is sure to happen unless an absolute miracle comes her way within the next few days. cancer has robbed her bones, stolen her breasts, and now eats away her brain. Lord is this the right choice? my conclusion are as follows: they would be placed with foster persons, have no family contact, BE LOST FOREVER. so why would i not do this? keep our family together. at 62 i never imagined this but I think my heavenly Father has been prepping me all my life for this day. i would absolutely have to turn my back and say no way for there are no other people in family that will take them or can take them. she is i think 8 and the other i think 5. sexually abused, mentally stalled, and with speech impediments this will be a challenge. but to think 2 little ones being prepared for the kindom of Christ is so much more. i pray for mom, my niece, every day. but now she has peace knowing her daughters are with one that love them. will raise them with love for our God.

i love you Lord and you are good all the time!!

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